Catnip Cathouse

An exclusive club for a few lucky cats We can afford to be fussy about who we accept because we have many special and important features here that not even one of the other boarding places have.Those things make it a place where every little cat quickly becomes completely relaxed and comfortable during their stay. They have a wonderful time here while you're away on your trip. We do it out of our genuine love for cats.

Important notes about Bookings

Please note:
The mimimum booking is 8 nights or longer - we don't accept bookings for shorter stays. So if you have a trip coming up you can board your little cat here and go away knowing that they're getting lots of love and care, so you needn't worry or feel guilty!

Thank you for visiting and we wish you health and prosperity for 2022.

Please note: all check-ins and Check-outs are mornings only: by prior appointment 8:00am to 10:00am.

Mornings only - no afternoon/evening appointments. You can choose a specific time for dropoff and pickup. Appointments are at 8:30am, 9:00am, 9:30am and 10:00am

Minimum stay 8 nights
Generally people board their cats with us for more then ten nights but we charge a minimum of ten nights anyway. Your cat gets time to know the place, the longer he/she stays here - by the sixth night even the more shy cats are usually becoming pretty relaxed here.

Booking/Reservation Fee
We charge a non-refundable reservation fee to reserve a room for your cat. This is payable by cash, check or credit card at the time of your booking.

Off-season: The amount is $100 for all bookings up to 10 days in length. $250 for bookings in excess of 10-days length.

Holiday seasons: During the summer and Christmas holiday seasons we charge the entire amount for the booking as the reservation fee.
So in the holiday seasons the entire booked stay is charged at the time of booking and non-refundable even if your cat leaves earlier than the checkout date you planned unless you cancel within 24 hours of placing your booking.

- just like a package holiday. The reservation fee is non-refundable but provided that you don't cancel within 24 hours of booking then the reservation fee will have been used for your cats' stay with us - provided that you show up as planned. If your trip gets cancelled then you can claim the boarding booking cost against your trip cancellation insurance, just as you would for your airfare and hotel.

Hard-shell cat carriers only!
You must bring your cats in individual hard-shell carriers. Soft shell cases only work for the cats' owner. For us, not being the owners, it can be very difficult and sometimes risky for us to get your cat back into a soft carrier - stressful for the cat too.


Your cat's bed is required
You must supply either a proper little bed that your cat uses at home or, if your cat doesn't have a cat bed, then a towel (thick enough to provide good padding) plus, optionally, an un-laundered tee shirt. We will fold the towel and place it inside the unwashed tee shirt and set it on the bed shelf as your cat's bed. It works really well, as the tee shirt will smell like the cat's owner/home and we've found that this makes the pussycat immediately much more relaxed. Note: If you don't bring us a bed then we will buyy a towel or good pad for your cat and will charge you $15 for it.

Please bring either your cat's vaccination papers, or let us call your vet to confirm your cats' health status 
we cannot accept your cat without that
this policy means your cats aren't being exposed to sick or un-vaccinated cats. 
Some exceptions are made for old cats, if your vet determines that they are fully-immunized, having had several years of vaccinations.

Miscellaneous charge: $2 per day per cat for food, unless you bring your own food. We carry top brands of high-protein, low-carb food and the best canned food available.

Diabetic cats and other cats requiring medications, we will make a charge of $10 daily for injections we have to administer while the cat is here. By-mouth meds administered free. You are responsible for providing all medications for us.

Since the advent of Yelp some people try to extract from a business more than they are offering using the leverage of a bad Yelp review. We've had one or two like that - we ALWAYS provide our best for the cats and we ALWAYS honor our commitments but one or two owners have attempted things that are unacceptable to us, here are three things we don't accept:

OWNERS WHO TRY TO EXTRACT MORE THAN WE OFFER TO PROVIDE and then negatvely review us when we don't accept their terms, or negatively review us if we won't accept their cat in future because they're not using the litter box.

OWNERS WHO FLAKE OUT ON THE DATES - what if we were unreliable and flakey? What if we changed our mind and couldn't take your cats after committing to do so? If your travel plans change that's one thing but we've had one or two total flakes, who constantly change their minds and we don't accept that. Our business replies on 2-way commitment and you can ALWAYS rely on and trust us to perform.

OWNERS WHO TRY TO DAMAGE OUR BUSINESS REPUTATION If you mistreat us we will not accept your bookings in future. If you leave us a negative Yelp review we will add your name to our main web page along with our review of our experience with you and the reason we won't accept bookings from you in future. Thank you for understanding.

If you have suggestions for us please send us an email, not a public review - we're always ready to accept suggestions that can help us improve.


We welcome you and your delightful little pussycats to our lovely vacation home for cats.

We provide complete peace of mind while you're away. Don't feel guilty - your cat's having a great time here while you're away!



We are a licensed California Corporation

To book, please phone us at: (831) 252-cats (252-2287) or email:

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