Patient services - Cat boarding service for patients in Santa Cruz County

If you're going to Dominican Hospital, Sutter Hospital, Watsonville Hospital or Santa Cruz Medical Clinic, Sutter maternity, Monterey Hospital, Camino Hospital for surgery or treatment or for any reason then we'll care for your cats for you. 

Patients and visitors can take advantage of this wonderful service and have peace of mind while they're away.

Preparing for surgery - please call us right away for a booking.

Patient information: We are a deluxe cat resort - for cats only - the very best cat boarding in the entire county of Santa Cruz and we'll provide complete peace of mind for you while you're away. No cold, metal cages here - this is a private resort for cats and your cat has their own private room in warm surroundings. NO dogs here, to upset your cat.

$20 per night is all it costs, $15 for each additional cat, for complete peace of mind.

You can watch your cats on our webcams at any time, right from your hospital bed via the web.

We can even pick up and deliver your beautiful little friends for you too, with our door-to-door service.

We're located 1-minute's drive from Dominican Hospital.

We're called the Catnip Cathouse 

..the deluxe little 'motel' for cats only
... We provide complete peace of mind while you're away

So, while you're thinking about Patient accomodations - remember we can provide deluxe accomodations for your beloved cats too!
Secure, safe and loving care for your cat in a quiet, safe, private home setting.
Cat boarding, cat resort, cat sitting - we're a cat resort - that's what we do, better than anyone else

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Phone us at: (831) 252-cats (252-2287)   or email:

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