Health Matters

Conditions when boarding at the Catnip Cathouse:

To protect the health of every cat, we cannot accept any cat that is not current on its vaccinations. This is to prevent the spread of diseases. We need a copy of the latest certificate from your vet so please plan ahead for that.

Vaccinations required for boarding with us are FVRCPC and Rabies. It is best to schedule vaccination appointments with your vet at least several days in advance of boarding, so that the cat has had plenty of time to get over the vet visit because some cats are nervous about seeing the vet and some also take a few days for any mild post-shot symptoms to pass.

House-trained cats only
Your cat must be properly house trained - we have excellent litter boxes - they are fully-enclosed and continuously vented through activated charcoal central venting system, so there is no smell for the cat or for us.  

Neutered cats only:
We will not accept male cats that have not been neutered. 

Flea control
Your cat must also be on a flea preventative (We recommended Revolution or Advantage Multi). We can provide that if you don't have it. We use the Advantage and only the one for tiny (8lb) cats. That way the dose is very small. It's just a tiny drop - we pay $15 for it and will charge you the same.
That's what we use on little Pooh, our own little black medium-haired female.

We've never heard of any cat being allergic in any way to this Advantage spot and it keeps them flea-free for at least 2 months. 

 If we find fleas on your cat then we will use one of the preventatives above and add its small cost to your bill.

Taking your cat to a boarding house is the responsible way to look after them while on holiday. There, they will be under supervision and you will not have to rely on the unpredictability of friends or neighbors when it comes to your kitty's safety and comfort.


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