Fun and Games

Cats need play time every day

Cats love pouncing on hidden prey and we make sure to encourage lots of this, both between playtimes and when your cat's turn comes around to go into a playroom. This is when we also get the chance to groom your cat and will lift him her onto a table and use a few different brushes on the fur. Some cats prefer to be groomed when lying on the floor playing and we'll soon find out which is the right technique for your cat. 

We have lots of toys here and we always keep them hidden until the actual moment we use them, so that the cats don't get bored by them over time. Of course we know your cat will be eyeing the finches we keep here too, which is a major entertainment item for them all day. 

Bird watching
We usually keep finches in cages upstairs in the cattery.
These finches are hyper-active and make lots of noise, fluttering about and calling to each other. 
They live in three cages, up high, where they're safe from the cats

Teasing and playing
We want your cat to feel totally loved while here, so we will always make lots of effort to play and talk to him/her. Cats are such fun to play with and they rise to the occasion, when teased.

Robots in a cathouse!!???
We're working to get our robotic cat toys ready and those should begin to appear on this website. You'll be able to set them in motion by clicking buttons on the web page and entertain the cats. What are these toys? Simple things: feather on a string, spring toys, mousie-toys that move just enough to get attention and so on.

In conclusion, unlike so many places where the cats only have each other to look at - and even that is rare, our guests have music and birds and the occasional internet visitor to brighten their day.

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