Foods for thought

A few words about Cat nutrition

Cats are uniquely evolved to eat mice, rodents and birds. The cat will eat every part of these animals, including the contents of the animal's stomach, which contains herbs, grass, seeds and fruit. They even eat the bones and feathers, providing calcium. 
The above ingredients are absolutely vital for your cat's health.

A cat's natural diet, then, would be high in protein and low in carbohydrates

Dry food can be excellent for your cat, provided that it contains the correct mixture of ingredients. That mixture should closely resemble the animals they normally eat. Most dry cat food contains far too much cereal and other carbohydrates. However there are some excellent ones now on the market. Always read the first five ingredients listed, to find the best dry foods.

We feed all our guest cats the food you brought with your cat. There is always endless water in your cat's cabin too, so they never go thirsty.


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